On the Waterfront

Imagine the meeting of a fishing cabin and a warehouse on an urban wharf. What do you get? For a Houston couple, it meant a perfectly suited retreat on Galveston Island.

The house was special even in the beginning and the magic only increased through design and construction as we chose to leave the interior structure exposed and finished it as if it had been in the salt air for decades. We softened that effect with a muted pallet of creams, gray taupes, and soft blue greens combined with floors the color of sand. Imagine that an artist stumbled across that ward, swept out some cobwebs, re-purposed some heavy equipment and made a new life. We were shooting for an idea rather than a theme and that seed of an idea grew into a sanctuary.


  • Interiors: Marcus Mohon
  • Photography: Don Gletzner
  • Construction: McDaniels Construction Co.
  • Architecture: Brandon Moss and Michael Imber
  • Publication: Coastal Living
This house is like a far away place that emerges out of the edges of your own dreams. It's a mysterious escape.

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