A conversation with designer Marcus Mohon is as refreshing as a spring breeze and as informative as a room full of artisans. Having worked with Twyla, the Austin, Texas-based company that offers curated artwork by artists from around the world, Mohon explained that: “Twyla not only provides phenomenal art pieces that fill spaces where remarkable and striking works are needed, but they also provide curated work.”

“Incorporating ethereal, interesting, and many times stunning works of art throughout this home, made the work easy,” explained Marcus.

“My goal is to create spaces that reflect a clients’ personality, not mine. Luxury now is not living in homes designed only to impress, but living in the home you want. When a client tells me they use every room, I know I’ve done my job. A common mistake made is attempting to match art with the interiors. Art instead, should not match but, should transport us and leave our hearts, singing,” summed up Marcus.


  • Interiors: Marcus Mohon Interiors
  • Photography: Dror Baldinger
  • Artwork: Twyla
  • Story: E.J. Webber
  • Publication: Private Air Luxury Home
Mighty is geometry - but joined with art, resistless...
Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life
Pablo Picasso

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