Southern Living Idea House

Inspired by Mediterranean villas, the Idea House sits humbly a short way down an inlet of Texas’ Lake LBJ. It’s location at the water’s edge makes you wonder if it wants to jump in for a dip. And that nearness to the water is like a siren song, drawing out those who dwell there. We used a cool pallet of sandy neutrals and watery blue-greens on the inside to provide relief from the heat. The result is a sense of oneness with the massive lake that lies just beyond.


  • Interiors: Marcus Mohon
  • Photography: Tria Giovan
  • Production: Frank Craige
  • Construction: David Mitchell, Casa Highland
  • Architecture: Michael Imber and Brandan Moss
  • Publication: Southern Living Magazine
The family room (above) opens into the terrace (below).
While visiting Southern Living in Alabama, Marcus realized a concept was expected the next day. So he spent an evening with his sketchbook, watercolors, room service and a few action movies imagining the Idea House’s soul and interior. That evening gave rise to the sketches seen here and eventually the relaxed romantic interiors. “I just kept picturing my wife and kids in the house. So I made it a spot where we would escape,” says Marcus.
We tried to soften the house - adding layers of romance with unkempt sheer curtains and small nooks for escaping.
Living Room sketch (above) and Living Room (below).
Another view of the Living Room (above) and the result (below).

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